UPDATED: bass for Noise Psychedelic / Doom Metal

Since the previous post a month ago, I have been joined by a drummer and another guitar in this prospect.
With a bassist joining us, we would be able to start booking studio from the 3rd weekend of October onwards - if the health policy & measures would permit apparently.
We will start with cover songs, yet once the core is stable we intend to create / record original materials and put up local gigs.

See below for the original post:
As title suggests, looking for jam buddies for fuzzy, loud, chaotic grooves. My own inspiration in this direction are bands like: Boris, Electric Wizard, Russian Circles, Melt Banana, and Envy.

I play guitar in A# standard and would like to know people who wants to jam similar styles. We don't need a vocal to begin with.
If this interests you please reach out to 98348562 via whatsapp
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