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Looking for a drummer

by 5b33ed7d98a8c2.35842247 Jin Jie, Kong

Looking for Percussionist / Drummer that plays Alternative Rock, Funk, Pop, Rock, Rock & Roll

Looking for a drummer to form a band. We play mostly play rock & roll stuffs.

Express your interest and let's talk!

Poducer, Songwriter

by 1941830169173615 Chin Herng, Goh

Looking for DJ, Vocalist that plays Jazz, Pop, Punk Rock, Rock, Soul
I am a new part time mixing engineer, hoping a change to accompany in music production.

Looking for Bass Guitarist, Percussionist / Drummer, Vocalist that plays Jazz

Let’s play jazz for fun (newbie keyboardist here ok with the basics)

Looking for other musicians to write with.

by 10156401298457772 Jerome, Lee

Looking for Guitarist, Vocalist that plays Alternative Rock, Blues, Independent, Rock, Rock & Roll

Hi my name is Jerome and i've been a bedroom guitarist for a couple of years now. I'm in love with the process of writing music and i've been having a hard time making anything as of late. So i'm looking for anyone to bounce or share some ideas with. All are welcome, music is universal. For anyone who's been in a funk with their songwriting and can...

Looking to jam with other musicians

by 10161758076955401 Marcus, Low

Looking for Bass Guitarist, Guitarist, Keyboardist that plays Pop, Rock

Like to play pop rock songs from the 2000s

Looking for people to jam or form a band!

by melbourne Hilton, Lam

Looking for Bass Guitarist, Guitarist, Percussionist / Drummer, Vocalist that plays Pop, Soul

I'm a keyboardist who wants to meet other music lovers who would like to jam regularly or form a band.

Hit me up! My Whatsapp is +65 9030 4755.

Guitarist looking to jam with others

by no photo male Jamie, Ramsamy

Looking for Bass Guitarist, Percussionist / Drummer, Vocalist that plays Alternative Rock, Blues, Independent, Rock, Rock & Roll

I’m looking to meet up to jam with and improve together. I’m a guitarist (electric and acoustic) and I enjoy generally all types of music with my main preferences being Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Oasis, Radiohead, Tool. Even though I’ve had a guitar for over 10 years, I’ve only really had time to improve reasonably over the past 1...

Hi! Vocalist looking for guitarist/ keyboardist :)

by A9A0C467 49BE 4B79 B01F AB071C14256A Sofia, Gdl

Looking for Guitarist, Keyboardist that plays Country, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Soul

Hi, I’m a female vocalist looking for a guitarist/ keyboardist or a band to join :)
I enjoy singing pop songs, blues, r&b, soul and jazz. Feel free to contact me via WhatsApp +48661359910