The Analog Factory @ Scape

2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978

TAF Flagship

Boosting over 700sqft of floor space, a high ceiling and with sound dampening curtain on all 4 sides, the Flagship room is designed for the ultimate jamming experience. Suited for a wider range of music genre, bands can also utilize hidden mirrors to improve on their stage presence! For a live jam experience, one can request to have all instruments to be mic up. Creating own sound mixes for their next gig is now possible.

Music Backline
1 X Pantheon 5 Piece Kit
1 X Ampeg PF500 w 410 HLF Classic
2 X Marshall JCM 2000 + Cabinet

Sound Reinforcement
1 X Midas M32 R
2 X Turbosound iQ15 FOH
5 X Turbosound iQ10 Floor Monitors
Audio Technica Microphone Collection

TAF Rock

For the rockers from the 80s to head banging metal music, this rock specific rooms complies a list of high wattage amplifiers for a one of a kind experience. TAF Rock room are spec for heavier genre music. Double Pedal are included in the room by default.

1 X Yamaha Stage Custom 5 Piece w/ double pedal
1 X Hartke 3500 Head with 115 + 210 Cabinet
2 X Marshall MG100HCFX + Cabinet

Sound Reinforcement
2 X Turbosound iQ10
2 X Shure PG58 Microphone
1 X Yamaha MG10 Mixer


Rock Room $25.00 Per 1 Hour
Rock Room (Off Peak) $20.00 Per 1 Hour
Flagship Room $35.00 Per 1 Hour
Flagship Room (Off Peak) $30.00 Per 1 Hour
Gig $150.00 Per 1 Hour
Gig (Without Lights) $120.00 Per 1 Hour